Client Renewal

Client Payment form

Please use this form to make your choice of either annual, quarterly or monthly recurring payment for website maintenance, backups and updates to your WordPress content management system, related themes and plugins, plus minor miscellaneous services. Please note that paying annually saves you $10 per month or $120 per year, in addition to discounts for specialized services not covered under this agreement. Paying quarterly saves you $5 per month, $15 quarterly, or $60 per year.

Terms of Service

Your credit card or debit card will be automatically charged for each period, and at the amount you specify below. You will receive an email notification before each transaction, allowing you time to request payments be canceled. You may cancel or make changes to your services at any time by using the contact form at the bottom of this page, Emailing or by calling 812-550-4022. Payments are non-refundable unless we are unable to provide services. In such an event, and at our sole discretion, clients will receive a pro-rated refund of $2 per day.

This maintenance agreement does not cover tasks that exceed one hour to complete, require specialized code be written, financial transactions, or marketing. These services will be billed at a rate of $1 per minute and include the following:

  1. E-commerce involving compensation for any products and services
  2. Any task requiring the writing of PHP, CSS and/or Java Script.
  3. Search engine optimization.
  4. discovery process before the creation of any additional website.
  5. Additional forms for any purpose.
  6. Marketing on social media.
  7. Creation of, and/or management of email lists.
  8. Content curation including pages with links to relevant resources.
  9. Copywriting of blog posts and descriptions for products and services.
  10. Surveys, contests and special promotions

We thank you for your financial support. We constantly strive to offer the highest quality affordable and accessible web-based solutions to promote your business, non-profit organization or personal interests.