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Below is great accessible software written by Nathan smith, using the name of NathanTech. In addition to writing his own software, he also provides links to accessible windows software. Visit the NathanTech Accessible Windows Software Archive. Learn more and download some of his great software below.

  • NathanTech Software Creations
  • Accessible Sientific Calculator
    memory functions, power, trig, root support and history navigation
  • Antevorta accessible calendar
    better access to Google and Outlook calendars, accessible clock, reminder system, timezone management and hourly reminders
  • Calliope media player
    download and listen to audiobooks, Stream radio, Manage playlists and your music library, Edit file tags, Create bookmarks, customize queue and review,
    play an pause from anywhere, top music charts, song lyrics, Youtube search and download, sleep timer, and device output management
  • Deep thought generator
    fifteen different generators including random strings, bingo, tarot and other cards, plus a custom button to make your own
  • EduLearn
    teaches young children to speak and recognize images by speaking words, numbers and colors | EduLearn Portable
  • Lets RPG Together
    for online multi-player games like Dungeons and Dragons and others that require dice, create teams, dice rolling publicly or privately, ability to choose the amount of dice, the amount of sides and any modifiers, in app public and private chat, share and download each others character and score sheets, history box, and ability to choose your own username
  • Luna Backup
    offline back up, sync and zip your files with a simple interface
  • Luna File Searcher
    search for phrases, text strings and quotes from unlimited files in a directory or set of directories, take note of case, ignore punctuation, show one or more than one match per file, and pattern matching
  • Luna Presentation for full access to Powerpoint and other presentations
  • Luna For Reddit
    customise home screen and default post sort order, manage multiple accounts, customise how posts appear in lists, three sound packs, tips for correctly post formatting, built in spellchecker, optional translation of markdown into text, and subreddit moderation
  • Luna RSS and podcast player
    access iTunes podcasts, store and watch favorite RSS feeds in one list, customisable check times for each feed, stream or download podcast episodes, favorite feeds, share feeds to twitter, automatic updater, feature suggester and bug reporter
  • NathanTech Network Utilities
    test your IP address, speed tests, see Public IP V4 and v6 addresses, download and upload ping speeds, IP address and domain name lookup, and share some results to twitter
  • Sunrise Waterfall website builder, documentation builder and markdown editor
    HTML 5 compliant, documentation in multiple formats, set up mail forms for users to get in touch, teach coding, navigation bars and footers across multiple pages, meta tags for search engines, ARIA landmarks to add accessibility, generate site maps, upload to your web server with built in basic FTP client, and manage WordPress blogs with media library access
  • accessible Periodic Table
    search by name or number, hear element names, element numbers, group name and numbers, and access feature rich database of information
  • VipMud Soundpack Installer
    install and update soundpacks