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Below are links to 35 favorite programs for Windows; based on accessibility, ease of use, keyboard shortcuts, regular updates and price. Most are free.

  1. NVDA Free Screen Reader please consider making a donation | NVDA Portable Screen Reader
  2. Jaws for Windows from Vispero
  3. Image for Windows hard drive backup, restore and copy; back up important files, or make an image of your entire hard drive to roll back to an exact date and time when Windows was working properly
  4. Uninstall Tool Completely Remove Programs, Control which apps run at system startup, Uninstall stubborn apps that cannot be removed, and Portable Mode to run from a USB drive
  5. Thunderbird Email Free configurable email client with address book and security | Thunderbird Portable Email
  6. Everything Computer File Search Locate files and folders by name
  7. 7-Zip File Archiver Create and extract file archives of related items | 7-Zip Portable
  8. Rufus Create bootable USB drives with your preferred operating system
  9. Web Browsers

  10. Google chrome Browser | Google chrome Portable Browser
  11. Firefox Web Browser | Firefox Portable Web Browser
  12. Brave Secure Web Browser blocks ads and trackers, fast, secure and private | Brave Portable Web Browser
  13. Chromium Web Browser, both 64 and 32 bit installers and portable versions
  14. Microsoft Edge Browser with additional voices and Immersive Reader
  15. Reading, Podcasting and Social Media

  16. Luna RSS and Podcast Client
  17. Balabolka makes audio recordings from texts and web pages using installed voices on your computer | Balabolka Portable
  18. QRead Read PDF, ePub and CHM help files, create bookmarks ($30)
  19. Text, HTML and Code Editors

  20. NotePad++ Text and HTML Editor Free, configurable, numerous hotkeys, edit multiple files | Notepad++ Portable Text Editor
  21. LibreOffice Free word processor, spreadsheet, presentations and database management | Libre Office Portable
  22. Biblos Word Processor O C R, Braille Translation, Braille Printing, tactile graphics, and audio books from documents
  23. Audio Players and Tools

  24. VLC Media Player plays any type of audio or video and can send it to TV sets | VLC Media Player Portable
  25. TapinRadio listen to and record radio stations
  26. MP3 Tag Studio Add, remove and edit MP3 info, correct filenames and ID3 tags, access databases to properly tag your MP3 files and much more!
  27. Voice and Video chat

  28. Zoom Conference Voice, Video, Chat and Screen Sharing Free for personal use
  29. Audio-Video Recording, Editing and Broadcasting

  30. Reaper Multi-Track Recorder and Editor used by blind broadcasters, podcasters, musicians, and audio engineers; 60 day trial, $60
  31. Audacity free audio recorder and editor | Audacity Portable
  32. GoldWave Multi-Feature Recorder, Editor, Audio Converter, $19
  33. Studio Recorder, Used by American Printing House to record talkingbooks ($200)
  34. Station Playlist Studio DJ software Used by blind broadcasters to work in commercial radio and on hobbyist internet stations
  35. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio Broadcast live to simultaneous video services including YouTube, Facebook Twitch and many more | Open Broadcaster Software OBS Portable
  36. IrfanView, accessible photo and image editor and resizer | IrfanView Portable
  37. File Transfer and Management

  38. WinSCP FTP and SSH Share files with friends and colleagues, manage websites and synchronize local and remote directories | WinSCP Portable
  39. Filezilla FTP-SSH | FileZilla FTP Portable
  40. DropBox Software to Share Files Between Computers and Portable Devices
  41. Other Great Useful software Websites

  42. Accessible software installers Small programs that install the latest versions of software that work with screen readers
  43. PortableApps dot com Offers over 400 portable programs that can be tested first for usability and accessibility before installing