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Fifty Portable Windows software Applications

Portable apps refer to software that does not have to be installed on to your computer. Simply run it from a directory on your computer or a portable USB drive to carry with you from machine to machine. Below are our picks from
>Portable and

Web Browsers and Email

  1. Thunderbird Email
  2. Brave Secure Web Browser Blocks Ads and Trackers
  3. Chromium Web Browser
  4. Opera web browser
  5. Firefox Web Browser
  6. Google Chrome web browser
  7. Text, HTML and Code Editors

  8. Notepad Plus Plus text and HTML editor
  9. LibreOffice word processor, spreadsheet, presentations and database management
  10. VSCode Code Editor
  11. AkelPad text editor
  12. Jarte, free text editor
  13. Notepad2 text editor
  14. Audio Tools

  15. NVDA screen reader
  16. Audacity, free audio recorder and editor
  17. Balabolka, make audio files from texts and web pages
  18. CDex, extracts audio tracks from cds and converts them to MP3 or other audio formats
  19. CDRTFE CD, DVD, VCD burner
  20. MicroSIP software phone
  21. TAudioConverter and cd extractor
  22. Video editors, encoders and Converters

  23. VLC, watch and listen to every type of DVD, video and audio file
  24. IrfanView, accessible photo and image editor and resizer
  25. OBS Studio live streaming and recording software
  26. OpenShot video editor
  27. Shotcut video editor
  28. HandBrake Video File Converter
  29. Avidemux video editor
  30. Cam Studio, Record Computer Demos Showing what is on the screen
  31. DamnVid video downloader and encoder
  32. Media Player Classic
  33. TEncoder Video convert, rip, and download video
  34. File Management

  35. Everything local file and folder search
  36. WinDirStat, gives file sizes for all directories
  37. WinSCP, FTP SSH with file and directory sync
  38. FileZilla FTP and SSH, client for sending and receiving files and updating web sites
  39. Discord Collaboration, File Sharing, Audio and Video communications
  40. 7-Zip Archiver, extract files, and create archives of related items for transferring.
  41. AutoRuns, customize what runs with Windows, use extreme caution
  42. Crystal Disk Info, validates if your hard drive is working properly, or is about to fail
  43. DSynchronize directory synchronization
  44. Explorer++multi-tab file manager
  45. FreeCommander file manager
  46. Rufus USB bootable drive creator and formatter
  47. SQLite Database Browser
  48. Utilities

  49. Daphne process explorer, killer and debugger
  50. Win CD Emu cd/dvd emulator and ISO mounter
  51. Windows Error Lookup Tool finds windows error code details